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An East Texas family is asking for the community’s help to get lawmakers’ attention.

They’re calling for a change that could save lives and help children make emergency calls no matter where they are.

This all stems from a recent murder case.

A Marshall man, Brad Dunn, was charged with killing his wife, Kari Hunt Dunn after stabbing and cutting her in an East Texas motel room.

Their three children were nearby.

Kari’s family members say her oldest daughter, age 9, tried to call police while her mother was being attacked. But the little girl couldn’t dial out of the motel room because she didn’t know to dial nine first.


To read the entire article, Click Here


Last night, Dr. Annise Mabry and Michelle Alexander of Back2Us Radio sat down and spoke to Kari’s sister Loni.  It was a hard conversation as she told the entire story. Our hearts go our to the entire family, but most of all Kari’s children.

The most important take away for all of us, is to get involved.  There is one simple step you can take to arm Kari’s family with the tools they need to start to change the law that could have provided a different ending for this family.  SIGN THE PETITION!

Call To Action!

Click Here to sign the petition that would require all hotels, regardless of size, to remove the calling protocol of dialing “9” before dialing 911.  This small change could have saved Kari’s life.


To listen to Kari’s sister,  Loni’s interview with Back2Us Radio as she tells the story of how this one simple change could have made a huge difference, Click Here


To make a donation to Kari’s family Click Here


To connect with Kari’s family, Click Here


We now have an Amber Alert, because one person believed they could make a difference.  Kari’s family wants to make a difference so this doesn’t happen to one more single family.  Please SIGN THE PETITION

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