Burn Your Burdens & Set Your Intentions On Fire~ New Moon Ceremony


 The ceremony wording was gathered from several sources including Mystic Mamma & The Chinook Blessing and  have been altered some to fit our vision for our ceremony. Please visit these blogs and support them.

Set your intentions on fire to manifest the life of your dreams.  A life of amazing simply cannot happen without thought, planning and implementation.  For me and my circle of close friends, this includes a celebration at the start of every new moon. The new moon is not the full moon, it is the start of the moon cycle and when the energy of the moon is at its peak and most welcoming. This is the best time to focus all of your energy to the manifesting and growing of your hearts desires.  There are several great articles out there about what a new moon ceremony is and how one can conduct them.  I’m simply sharing my personal ceremony with my Gurlz Guide family. Feel free to make it your own.

I do recommend this be done with close, trusted friends as you will be sharing deeply personal goals that are not meant for just anyone to hear.  Use discernment and surround yourself with sisters who are equally yoked with you and care about your success.

To make it easy, I put everything together in a New Moon Kaboodle.  You can find it in A Gurlz Shop.

Recommended Supplies:  paper, pens, sage smudge sticks, sweet grass, a fire pit or tabletop burner, and of course wine.

New Moon Calendar

On two separate pieces of paper, I instruct everyone to write their current burdens and their intentions for the next 30 days.   Take some time to think about these as they are important. For time sake, you may want to give these instructions to your guests a couple of days ahead of time, so that they come prepared.

Here is the flow of my ceremony along with the prayers and invocations I use.

Opening Prayer (host to say the following)

 “A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start in its cycle of waxing and waning. During this time the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest in your life.

Most of us, live our lives so disconnected from the Earth, and devoid of any kind of ritual that creates the space for us to connect. So the New Moon provides us with an opportunity to take the time to create SACRED SPACE for ourselves. It’s essential.

We call upon the Earth, We call upon the mountains, We call upon the waters, We call upon the forests, The creatures of the fields and forests and the seas, our brothers and sisters the wolves and deer, the eagle and dove, the great whales and the dolphin. 

We call upon all those who have lived on this earth, our ancestors and our friends, who dreamed the best for future generations, and upon whose lives our lives are built.

And lastly, we call upon all that we hold most sacred, the presence and power of the Great Spirit of love and truth which flows through all the universe, to be with us to – Teach us, and show us the way.”

Burning of Burdens (Instructions for the Host)

As a personal adaptation to the intention aspect of our ceremony we have also added the aspect of letting go and burning the burdens our hearts have carried.  For me this is a time for cleansing and releasing and such a necessary part of making room for the wonderful things I expect in the next 30 days.  Some incorporate this aspect and some don’t, so it’s a personal choice.  For me the burning of my burdens has giving me significant healing in the areas of grief, pain, financial woes and heart break.  

After each person shares one burden, they will individually burn their own collection they have written. Each person takes a hold of the sage and smudges themselves in circular motion starting with the head and working down to the feet.

If you don’t have a fire pit, a table top  burner or a coffee can works well.

Burning of Burdens (Host to say the following)

We chose to start our ceremony with the burning of the burdens in our heart. Often burdens are carried in silence and  in shame. However, when you speak them aloud among trusted sisters, you remove the power that your burdens hold in the darkness..   

So let’s share at least one burden we want to release, as we do so, gather all of your burdens and burn them in the fire.  

Allow everyone to share their burden and what it means to let them go.

Setting Intentions On Fire (Host to say the following)

 As we move to set our intentions for the next moon cycle, it’s important that all of your energy is focused on how it will feel when those intentions are actualized, be in that moment when it comes to pass, focus your energy to that place in time.  Feel and image what that will look like for you.  

Each of us shares our main intention for the next 30 days.  We save the paper until everyone is done.

When everyone is done speaking, as a unit, we burn the papers that hold our intentions.  We do it together as to focus all of our attention and energy in the fruition of these intentions.  Its important to be quiet, to focus and love embrace the energy and love shared during these moments.  When all intentions have burned, the host should hold and burn the sweet grass in the middle of the women.  Sweet grass invokes good energy.

Allow everyone to share their intention and why its important to them.

Invocation (Host and participants to say the following) 

It works well when each person shares in the invocation by reading one of the quadrant invitations.  If there are not enough people, share it as best you can.  

~Oh Spirit of the East, Land of the rising Sun, Of Air, the winds that blow across the lands. Of new beginnings each day and of open horizons. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the East.

~Oh Spirit of the South, Place of Passion, Fire and Creation and inspiration, whose warm breath reminds us of summer days. Ignite our hearts with love. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with us today. Please join us, Spirit of the South.

~Oh Spirit of the West, the land of the setting Sun, Of water and Autumn’s whisper. Bless us with the knowledge of peace which follows the harvest of a fruitful life. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the West.

~Oh Spirit of the North, place of quiet, stillness, of cave and deep earth. Place of thankfulness for the knowledge and blessings that have come to us with time. We bless you and ask your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Spirit of the North.

~Oh Spirit of Mother Earth, you support us each day, welcoming our roots deep into your heart. You nurture and guide us finding sustenance and support. help us to give thanks Always for Your bounty. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us Spirit of Mother Earth.

~Oh Spirit of Father Sky, of the angelic realms, the countless stars of the night remind us that you are vast beautiful and majestic beyond all of our knowing or understanding. Your light shines upon the earth both day and night guiding our steps. We bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here today. Please join us, Father Sky.

~Oh Spirit of our souls within, Place of union, love and reverence. We are grateful for this gift of life and for the love that guides our way. We open our hearts and join with all in love. It is begun.

Closing Words (Host to say the following)

There is something so powerful when women come together to support each other on their journey in their hopes and dreams. We are healed, we are nurtured, we feel comforted and understood. Moreover, when you share sacred space together, when you hold space for each other,  you magnify the power of your intentions and you energetically create a web of support for not only your circle of women friends but with our ancestoral mother, aunties and sisters. Thank you for your vulnerability, your trust, your support and for sharing your energy here with us all tonight. 


Hug & claim your victory. 

It’s time to celebrate the manifestation of the life waiting for you.

This is my personal ceremony, there are so many variations to this and its meant to feed your spirit, goals, dreams and sisterhood.  I have had powerful changes in my life as a result of honoring and harnessing the energy of the new moon. 


If this helps you, please let me know.  I would love to hear from you. 


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